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Kneaded is the social enterprise of the Rebekah’s Culinary Academy which is owned and operated by Rebekah Children’s Services, a non-profit mental health agency for children and families based in Gilroy, California, USA. The name Kneaded is a play on words chosen to draw attention both to our baking as well as our greater mission. 

Youth and young adults who have successfully completed a 10-week basic culinary academy class have the opportunity to advance to an apprenticeship position at Kneaded. As an apprentice, the student learns hands-on skills in bakery and food production, catering, and customer service. All proceeds from sales are reinvested back into the program to continue helping youth and young adults that are in need.

Rebekah Children’s Services began its first vocational education program in 2009 with the founding of Rebekah’s Culinary Academy. After identifying a need for programs and services for transition age youth, Rebekah Children’s Services created Rebekah’s Culinary Academy to offer job training in the hospitality and culinary industries. Students learn hands-on culinary skills in a commercial kitchen under the direction of a professional and credentialed chef. In addition, students develop job-readiness skills in a safe, structured, caring environment that will better prepare students for the demands and responsibilities of adulthood, independent living, and the real work world.